10+ Butterfly Drawings | Sample Arts

Butterfly Drawings and Sketches

How do you draw a butterfly easy?

Just draw a parabola and the add a circle to the top of that. It will form 2 collected circle shares, from there add petals to it to make it a cure little butterfly.

How do you draw a butterfly garden?

Just draw a garden kind of wavy shapes and color it in green. Draw the little flowers from it and draw a cute little butterfly on it. That looks great with garden with butterfly.

About Butterfly Templates

Butterfly templates are the best to choose for the school projects and classes as well. In the regular projects or designs these butterfly drawing with colors look great. You can choose from the simple butterfly drawings as shown below and choose the best one.

Butterfly tattoo drawing

butterfly tattoo drawing

Simple butterfly drawing

simple butterfly drawing

Butterfly sketch

butterfly sketch

Monarch butterfly drawing

monarch butterfly drawing

Butterfly pencil drawing

butterfly pencil drawing

Small butterfly drawing

small butterfly drawing

Butterfly sketch drawing

butterfly sketch drawing

Realistic butterfly drawing

realistic butterfly drawing

Butterfly to draw

butterfly to draw

Butterfly wings drawing

butterfly wings drawing

Butterfly drawing sketch

butterfly drawing sketch