10+ Goat Drawings

Goat Drawings and Sketches

How to draw a goat drawing step by step. Simply draw the goat shape in this way in just few simple steps.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are in drawing goat. With the help of these goat shapes, given in the image will surely help you make a great goat drawing.

Just draw the shape as shown and follow all the steps. Starting from a circle, you can easily draw a simple goat drawing shape without a trouble.

Go ahead and grab a piece of paper. And start drawing this goat sketch drawing within no time.

  1. As shown in the picture, just draw a circle.
  2. Attaching to the circle, draw 2 wavy lines as ears.
  3. From there, form a neck by drawing a down parabola shape.
  4. Adding to the shape, draw the line down as a leg.
  5. Draw the horns and a tail in little length to make a goat shape.
  6. Shape eyes in circle shapes to the goat head that look great.
  7. Just ass some color to the goat shape now to make it look awesome.